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Do you want to learn how to play with hanafuda cards? Do you want to play Koikoi online? Then, this game was created for you!

Koi-koi is the most popular card game for the Japanese deck (hanafuda), in this application you can:

  • Learn to play Koi-Koi in a few minutes.
  • Play online against players from from all over the world.
  • Practice playing by yourself in the Adventure Mode, conquer Japan with your hanafuda cards!

The game was created for english speakers, everything should be easy to understand for non-japanese people.

The Hanafuda is a deck of Japanese playing cards. Hanafuda cards represent the 12 months of the year with beautiful illustrations, depicting the vegetation and landscape of every season.

Koi-Koi is a classic card game in Japan, in the game, you win by obtaining sets of cards like in Mahjong or Rummy. The name “koi-koi” roughly means “come on” in Japanese, which is said when the player takes the risk to continue the round after obtaining a set.

A lot of users are calling it the best hanafuda app / the best koikoi app they have played, which makes me so happy :)

Polish your strategy, learn when to take risks and make surprising comebacks!

If you enjoyed the game, leaving a 5 star review in the store would help me so, so much, thank you!

Play now!

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